Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Perfect Vintage Lips with Betty

Create that perfect vintage lip with regular guest blogger Betty from Betty's Rock & Rollers

The vintage makeup look for the 1940's and 1950's comprises of some simple yet important steps to create that iconic look, one of them being creating the perfect lip.
We should always line the lips with lipliner first, but why? The two main reasons being, to give the lips a clear and precise outline, secondly to stop the lipstick bleeding.  Bleeding when the lipstick creeps out side of your natural lip line, the liners consist of a waxy like substance which acts as a barrier to prevent this happening. 

Use a sharp ended liner as close to the colour of your lipstick as possible, follow the line of your natural lip to create a precise line then fill in with your favourite lipstick. 

Above are some examples of lips that have been lined first you can see how it gives the finished look perfection .... Good luck! Product reviews on favourite Vintage lip colours and liners coming soon . . . . 

Vintage love . . . . 

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