Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lullabelle learns the Lindyhop!

Over the last few weeks Lullabelle from the secret vintage fair duo has given herself a new she explains a little bit about her personal new found dance craze...THE LINDYHOP!

Lullabelle learns the Lindyhop…

Given the start of the new year and a slight change in personal circumstances and a relocation to Cambridgeshire (Don't worry folks in Suffolk/Essex, the fairs are continuing!) ..I came across Cambridgeshire based Lindyhop dance classes led by Paul and Fae from Rug Cutters ( 

So, I have to admit here, dancing is not really my forte. And not something I thought i'd ever have lessons in. As someone who's suffered with bothersome back, leg and neck pain for the last 4 years I really didn't expect to find myself blogging about something so energetic with which I am really starting to take a shine to.. Apart from a tap dance class as a young girl, two salsa classes in my mid twenties, and oh ok, and many years of tom foolery on a variety of nightclub dance floors over the years, I've never had any kind of formal dance teaching...

And so it was that I came across the Rug Cutters dance classes. I suggested it to a friend who loved the idea. And we've been going for the last 4 weeks and absolutely loving it! I arrive home after my weekly class, full of energy and vitality, and looking forward to the next class already.

So far I've learnt just a few of the 190+ moves that I'm advised there are in Lindyhop(!)..a kick step, a rock step, the tripple step, the Charleston, and the lindy circle, to name just a few. And as the weeks progress I hope to learn many more! I am advised there is a particular type of dance called (younger readers might want to stop reading here!) “The Shag'..Hmmm sounds a bit too frisky for my liking but we'll see how that one turns out! 

My friend and I even went to our first social dance this weekend, "The Groove Lounge" a fantastic night out, for just £5, which included homemade cake, n tea, and was a delightful night of vintage tunes and the opportunity to be led around the dance floor by some very dashing men in braces and slacks, who are vastly experienced in the ways of swing dancing.. and such a secret thrill to be asked to dance in such a formal and polite manner.. Oh why oh why aren't normal nightclubs more like this nowadays! 

Anyway, next weekend we're off to our first 1940s music and dance weekend, complete with live bands playing 1940s classics from boogie woogie, western swing, 50s jump jazz and big band sounds, all at Burgess Hall in St Ives, PE27 6WU. Can't wait! 
If anyone is interested, Tickets are £11 Friday, £17.50 Saturday or £25 for both nights- available from One Leisure St Ives, or by calling 01480 388500- and watch this space for more details on how I progress over the next few weeks! And if you're not based in or near Cambridgeshire, there are dance classes happening all over the place, so I recommend you find one happening near you too! A fabulous fun way to keep fit. 

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Ta ta for now!

Lullabelle xx

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe we need a dance floor at the next fair! Hugs xx