Monday, 28 July 2014

Folk East Preview Part One: Secret Vintage Music

We're all set and excited for our repeat appearance to Folk East at Glemham Hall in less than three weeks, in this blog post we reveal what music acts we have booked in for your delight in the Secret Vintage Fair tent. Look out for part two later this week where we are hosting a giveaway to win tickets to the festival plus we'll tell you what special vintage traders we have hand picked for the event.

Tallulah Goodtimes

Tallulah Goodtimes, the international queen of goodtimes swing will be spinning some laid-back tunes and singing some of her favourite jazz classics and remixes. To find out more about her visit
The Broken Maps

The Broken Maps are an East Anglian based acoustic folk/pop duo composed of singer-songwriters Leah Hammond and Stuart Sale.  Hammond and Sale met in 2001 during college where they quickly formed a songwriting partnership and were the principle songwriters of Essex based indie band The Flukes for 2 years. 

Late 2013, Hammond and Sale decided to get songwriting and performing together again. This time round drawing on a more diverse range of influences, resulting in an output of a more mature and crafted sound, capturing their unique chemistry and close bond in their songs and performances.

The Hat Check Honeys

The Hat Check Honeys are - quite simply - indescribable! But we'll try.....amusing, talented and quirky these two gals will have you eating out of their hands in minutes. Combining the rich, powerful voice of Helene Hyland and the sublime piano and accordian playing of Julie Robinson they cover a huge range of musical styles - all of them vintage!! Classic jazz, blues and swing, French cabaret, 20s speakeasy, comedy numbers from around the world and a bit of old London cockney thrown in, its a feast of musical variety. And no cutlery needed...... Find them on You Tube and on Facebook.

The Hokum Boys

Equally at home busking on the streets or playing pubs and clubs The Hokum Boys will bring you their own take on some classic blues and jazz standards. With a smattering of smut and some tongue in cheek humour their simple stripped down acoustic style would be recognisable to hokum boys of old. Sung with passion and feeling this is uplifting music to make you feel good inside just as singing the blues should. The Hokum Boys are Kev Wortley guitars/ vocals, Lee Addison vocals/ harmonica. Contact then via their Facebook page or by e-mail

Meg Burrows

A merge of creative minions, Meg is a writer, poet, singer/song writer and if you ask, face painter, who spends far too much time travelling on trains and eating bourbons. She started writing songs in her parents kitchen when she was 14, although, you could say her first song was actually written on the swing when she was 3 about the clouds. She plays a little piano and tiny amount of 'postcard' guitar, so she is very lucky to perform with her good friend Jonathan Coy, an excellent guitarist born & bred in Suffolk. Find her on Facebook here

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