Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Introducing The Design Charity

This Saturday 27th July will see the return of The Secret Vintage Fair to Colchester in:

                    The Old Hippodrome (Liquid) on the High Street, Colchester.  

We always support a different charity each event, this time we are supporting The Design Charity.  As a fairly new charity we wanted to explain all about them and their aims here, so you know what we are helping to support.

Transformative, Healing Environments

In a nutshell, The Design Charity design and build transformative, healing, environments for other charities. They design both indoor and outdoor environments: whether a children’s play space for Kids Company, a healing sanctuary for Rwandan refugees, or an outdoor healing garden for homeless ‘companions’ at Emmaus. 

The common denominator is that all of their work aims to transform and heal the lives of the people they work with.

The charity is founded on, and fuelled by, cutting edge research to obtain the best possible environments- from the cutting edge of art and design, to the most progressive scientific and academic institutions across the globe.  The Design Charity reaches out to every sector of society.

Whether you are a family or a homeless shelter, a FTSE 100 company or a refugee orphanage, The Design Charity aim to design and build environments that inspire and benefit you. It is their aim that all of their environments will transform and heal the lives of the people they work with.

Supporting The Charity
The Secret Vintage Fair raise money for charities in different ways at every fair- this time round we will be contributing a percentage of the door takings to the fair, proceeds from the raffle (prizes can be seen here), as well as bucket donations on the day.  We give thanks to the volunteers at the fair who will be helping to raise funds and awareness for this new and exciting charity.  

Please show your support for the charity by following them on Facebook, Twitter or reading more about their charitable work here. They are also in the process of setting up The Eden Survey- carrying out valuable research into why nature is just so healing - you can follow progress on the Eden Survey Twitter account.

Stay tuned for our next exciting blog post previewing all the entertainment on offer at the event This COMING SATURDAY 27TH JULY! 

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